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D8 Skills #132 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #14

Before going to college this morning, I went to Hot Radio to pick up a tee-shirt that I'll wear to the event I signed up to yesterday that's happening this Sunday. I spoke to a few people there about what sort of things need doing. Unfortunately there won't be much technical help required, but I still think it's a good networking oppurtunity since I'll be working with people in the music/sound industry.

When I arrived at college, I packed up all the recording gear we used yesterday:

I had used every stand but one, and every XLR cable from this cupboard. I left everything neatly as part of my method to achieve my Medium-Term Goal set out in my Development Plan:

While packing up, one of my lecturers informed me that the college wanted the BPC Advert Script #1 to be cut to 3os. After everything was packed up, Andy was still running late, so I sat in the control room and cut down the script.

I first tried speeding up the music. After that, I tried out another idea which was to chop out a bit of the music (something I'd already done in the other scripts), trim out gaps in the voiceover artists' performances and squeeze the regions closer together.

I preferred the result of Iteration #2 as I felt that the beat in Iteration #1 was too fast for the voiceover and didn't retain the same quality that the untouched music embodies. I prefer 'Script #1 30s' to the original 'Script #1' anyway now. I have learned from this and will apply it to the next time I work with voiceovers.

BPC Advert | Script #1 30s | Iteration #1
BPC Advert | Script #1 30s | Iteration #2 (Final)

I uploaded the exactly 30s audio file to the same page as I had before, and informed my lecturer.

Andy finally arrived very late, and we decided on recording bass for 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More' and backing vocals for the same song if we had time.

I set up a Radial J48 DI box along with an Audix D6 while Andy practiced his performance. I set up all my recording gear and we went for lunch to start recording at 13:15.

I set up the Audix D6 off-axis to the amp so that it picked up less highs. I wanted this as the DI box will pick up the highs and I'm going to mix these two signals together.

When we got back into the studio after lunch, I made sure to turn off the air conditioning so that the fan noise wouldn't be audible in the recordings:

We did take, after take, after take until Andy was happy with what we'd captured in each section of the song.

I took notes about what I needed to do in post regarding the takes:

We had no time left to record backing vocals.