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D8 Skills #134 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #15

D8 Skills #134 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #15

Today, Andy and I recorded all the backing vocals for 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More.'

Andy was about 30 mins late, so I used the time to continue mixing the drums.

Afterwards, I went to Hot Radio to attend a meeting with two presenters where we listened to an episode of BBC Radio 1 and discussed their ideas plus how they can help improve our own shows at Hot Radio.

I spoke with Jay Rachet (one of the presenters) about how Radio 1's sweepers are different each time and how they fit in with the music that's started. Hot Radio's sweepers are outsourced to another company, however, I suggested that I make something anyway to show them. He said that was a great idea and I should show him once I'm done.

I also spoke with Jay that I think Hot Radio should feature more local artists and do interviews with them. I played him some of 'Ground Floor (again)' by Andy Ford, 'Experience Breaks Through' by myself, and 'Mistaken' by Ella Steel. He agreed with me and suggested that we meet up at my college's studio and I should play him more of my music. He also wants to make a track with me.