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D8 Skills #138 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #16 | Photography

D8 Skills #138 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #16 | Photography

Today, I spoke to my tutor about if/when I can use one of the amazing looking performing arts black rooms to record a video for Andy. He said that I can, and Thursday after college would work well because he's staying late that day anyway. I confirmed with Andy that he'd be able to do this, which he can.

I then finished comping the lead vocal for 'Understand' by Ella Steel.

When Andy arrived, he'd forgotten about the photoshoot and wasn't wearing the clothes he wanted to be, so I drove him to his house and back so that he could get changed.

When we got back to college, we went into the studio and worked on the string arrangement for 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More':

I then did my photoshoot where we did some shots of me standing, sitting on a stool, and sitting at a desk with my music production gear.

I then attended a meeting with everyone from the Unit E group where I was told that my role had changed since our meeting where we decided on them together yesterday. Instead of recording the sound for the interviews, I will now record the sound for the gig and be the chief post-event mix engineer. The event manager confirmed that he will organise and run the recording of the interviews.

I confirmed with TJ that we'd record the drums for 'Ground Floor (again)' by Andy Ford tomorrow, and continued with the photoshoot. Andy did his photoshoot after me.

Because I want control over the edits of my photos, I wanted the RAW files from the photographer, Jack. Initially, he refused to give them to me, but I managed to get them by promising to send him all the edits I do, allowing him to use them as if he edited them, and paying him £5.

When I got home, I began editing my photos.