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D8 Skills #139 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #17

D8 Skills #139 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #17

Today, I met with TJ, the session drummer for 'Ground Floor (again)' and Andy Ford to record the drums. I followed the same method as I did when recording the drums for 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More,' with only a few changes to the input list.

After everything was set up, I checked that everything was working in the control room and noticed that there was a loud buzzing sound on channel 11 (the Shure SM57 on the hi-hat). With the help of the drummer and a technician in the live room (I stayed in the control room), we troubleshooted the issue and found that channels 5, 6, 8, and 11 all produce the same buzzing sound at different amplitudes, so changed the input to channel 7.

We recorded a few takes before lunch, and continued afterwards. The performances sound very good, except for a few mistakes in each one. The drummer admitted that he wasn't fully prepared, and we decided to leave everything set up to continue tomorrow morning.

During the takes, I took notes:

When I got home, I organised all the files and imported them into the Logic Pro project: