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D8 Skills #146 & D9 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #18

D8 Skills #146 & D9 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #18

Today, I met with Andy Ford to record the final song in his EP, 'In Time'. He arrived just under 1 and 1/2 hours late so I used the time to continue mixing 'Understand' by Ella Steel. I think it's almost complete now... I want to get some feedback from others producers soon.

Understand, Ella Steel | Almost Finished

When Andy arrived, we set up a keyboard and connected it to my laptop via MIDI.

Andy gave me a Cubase file where he'd sequenced some drums for the track that we both love. I'll decide on how I'll transfer these into my project later.

We firstly found a fitting sound that Andy liked:

While recording the piano, I had an idea... I recorded a microphone along with the piano and told Andy to shout "UH" whenever he made a mistake so that we'd have a visual diagram underneath the piano track pointing at the mistakes:

After recording, we sat together and fixed all the mistakes: