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D8 Skills #155 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Beginning to Mix

Today, I organised and imported all the audio files that I recorded of our Unit E event. I then removed all the audio channels that we're being used in each performance and trimmed out unwanted noise from each channel. I began mixing the tracks too.

After our practice gig, I discovered that Cubase 5 doesn't do something that's really useful that Pro Tools and Logic Pro do. It doesn't embed the recorded position into the audio files, meaning I can't do the handy ⌥⇧⌘R shortcut in Logic to immediately move all selected regions to their recorded position on the timeline. This meant I had to systematically import all the files by reading the file names.

For Andy's last song, he produced a drum loop in Cubase. Today, I bounced out all the samples from Cubase naming them as the key that's they're played on, exported the MIDI file, and then imported these all into the Logic Pro project placing the drum samples on the keys I named them as in a sampler so that the MIDI file would play the correct samples.