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Unit D8 Conclusion

Unit D8 Conclusion

Evaluation of Whole Process:

My method of mostly learning & improving my skills through getting as much experience in what I want to do in my career as possible, along with watching & taking notes from educational YouTube videos and critically listening to professional work that's similar to what I make has worked incredibly well. The things I learned from YouTube, I always put into practice.

Learning through an immense amount of experience has been a great method for improving my skills because it's a natural filter that serves me the most relevant skills first. It's also the most efficient method because it doesn't require me to take any time out of work to learn.

Developed Skills:

  • Communication: By regularly working with artists in studios, meeting with and attending events with presenters at Hot Radio and professionally communicating with clients who are paying me via email, I've developed my communication skills immensely.
  • Electronic Production: By producing music in different genres for multiple artists and producing MSMI, I've developed my electronic production skills. MSMI is not only a skill that I've improved upon, but a new skill I've gained entirely. I've also learned how to an improved my skills in producing ads for the radio.
  • Studio Recording: I've greatly improved my skills in recording. Before initiating my development plan, my drum recordings were done using 4 or 5 microphones and didn't sound professional. Recently, I've used 13 microphones (and know exactly why I was using them) and my recordings sound a lot more professional. The same development has found expression in all things I've recorded. I've improved so much in recording vocals, finding the right harmonies to use when, how recording lead and backing vocals differ when to use doubles etc. I've also learned how to and improved how I record grand pianos, guitars, bass guitars and saxophones.
  • Mixing: By practising mixing music very often, I've learned many new techniques and how to use tools in more depth.
  • Mastering: By mastering every mix that I complete, I've definitely improved my skills in it, mainly in tonal balancing.
  • Planning & Timetabling: By involving myself in as many projects as I could, I'm now able to predict how long certain things will take which will be a huge help when talking to potential clients.
  • Networking: By constantly performing at, and delivering my best, I have a very high chance of being the best among other people. When I am the best, I'm the one who people tell others about and will therefore be contacted by more people who want me to work for them. An example of this is when my Radio Advert for the Careers & Apprenticeship Show was chosen as the best one, and then I went on to become a volunteer at Hot Radio after it was played on the station, then attended an event with them and was taught how to DJ, met with many presenters where one wants me to show them examples of sweepers that I'll make for them to potentially be used on-air if they're good enough etc...
  • Invoicing: I've learned how to invoice clients and have designed my own branded invoice.
  • Live Sound: By working on multiple live shows, I've greatly improved my skills and am much more confident in this area.
  • Branding: By constantly building, adjusting and adding to my website/Instagram, I've created a lot of promotional videos and photos.