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Unit D8 Development Plan

Unit D8 Development Plan

I will get involved with as many recording, mixing and production projects as I can. I learn best through doing new things myself, making mistakes, and learning from them, but also by watching/listening to people who are better than me teach. There are many high-quality YouTube videos on this subject, and I plan to learn from them. The timeline of this plan is however long my career in music is going to be. I don't wish to limit myself.

I will use the results of my work to promote my services to potential clients by showing the projects on my website & socials as examples of what I can do for them. Demonstrating what I can do by showing what I've done is the best method of communication... by that I mean it'll yield the best results (more reputable artists hiring me / higher rate of pay / more work etc).

Short-Term Goals:

  • I want to have 5+ pieces of work that I'm proud of and can use as promotional material for my services (e.g. on my website and social media). I'll do this by:
  1. Working with other artists, recording/producing/mixing/mastering their work.
  2. Producing my own written work.
  3. Going in on my days off college to work on projects in the studios.
  4. Watching and taking notes from educational YouTube videos.
  5. Practicing mixing music that I don't get from clients.

Tests & Measures of Success:

  • I will count how many pieces of work I've done that I like enough to show in my public portfolio.

Medium-Term Goals:

  • I want to have a reputation as a high-quality producer, recording & mix engineer and work with reputable artists. I'll do this by:
  1. Always staying professional while working with clients.
  2. Always delivering the highest quality products to clients, regardless of what I'm going to get from it. This is to sustain my brand as one that consistently delivers the highest quality. If my brand wasn't consistent it would cease to exist, just like yourself or any 'thing' you think is real.
  3. Showing this high-quality work on my website & social media to gain attention from reputable artists.
  4. Present my work in a way that is aligned with the work I produce.

Tests & Measures of Success:

  • I will be conscious of whether clients like to work with me or not, and whether they like what I'm delivering. If they do, then I'm successful.

Long-Term Goals:

  • I want to have no trouble finding work or earning money as artists will regularly choose me over others because of my high-quality reputation that I've built. I'll do this by:
  1. Keeping my attitute towards my work consistent.
  2. Promoting myself.

Tests & Measures of Success:

  • If I have enough money coming from music to sustain my physical existence, then I'm successful.

A development plan will help me reach these goals by clearly laying out the methods that will get me there. All I have to do is follow it.

I will test and measure my success in completing the goals by counting how many recordings I have that I'm proud of, listening to what people say about them, and being conscious of how I feel.