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D8 Skills #114 & D9 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #7

D8 Skills #114 & D9 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #7

Today, Andy phoned me to say that he found a really good electric piano sound on the Nord. I said, "I'm coming".

The Joy That Slowly Died, Andy Ford | Nord Recording

I sent the MIDI we'd recorded in Session #4 to the Nord, then recorded the audio from the Nord into the project.

I spoke with the drummer that is going to perform on 'Ground Floor (again)' about when we can record it. He told me last week that he'd be ready in a few days, but he keeps pushing it back. He now says he'll potentially be ready this coming Thursday or Friday, but that's very unlikely, so is committing to the last week of the Easter holidays. This will give me 1 week to mix and master the song before the Unit D deadline. I'm sure this'll be fine, but I'm crossing my fingers that he's ready this coming Thursday or Friday because I like to be on top of things.