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D8 Skills #119 & D10 | Unit E | Meeting at Hot Radio

D8 Skills #119 & D10 | Unit E | Meeting at Hot Radio

I've recently been in contact with Karl, the presenter and producer of a new show starting later this month. I suggested in a phone call that we meet in person, and he invited me to the volunteers' meeting happing shortly so that we could have a chat afterwards.

The meeting consisted of the CEO, Station Manager, Financial Manager and a few others making some speeches. It was very interesting to get some inside information into how the station operates and where it's going.

Afterwards, I spoke with Karl about doing some radio production. I also spoke with the Programme Controller, Glen (A.K.A. DJ Glitterballz) and another presenter, Jay Rachet who was very keen to help give me opportunities in the industry. I really like Jay and will message him later with my contact info and some information about what I do (like my website). I also spoke with Natalie, who runs the station's social media accounts about proof reading their posts because the amount of grammatical mistakes is atrocious.

This meeting was a great networking opportunity and I feel like I made the most of it. I proactively approached many people and had some long conversations. I was the last to leave the building.