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D8 Skills #120 & D10 | Recording Drums

D8 Skills #120 & D10 | Recording Drums

My friend wasn't happy with his performance from the first recording session, and asked whether I would help him record it again. I said "yes".

This is another person who has specifically asked for me to help them with their project because of my reputation as a high-quality and professional producer, recording & mix engineer, which is a medium-term goal I set out in my development plan.

Again, the microphones used and where we put them was his decision. I helped set them all up.

I created an input list on my phone and set up the Pro Tool project in the control room.

We recorded many takes until the drummer was finally happy with all his performances.

During soundcheck, while I was setting gain, I noticed that the floor tom sounded as if it was farting. After repositioning the mic and the issue persisting, I suggested that we replaced the microphone. This sorted out the issue.