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D8 Skills #123 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Andy Ford | Session #11

Yesterday, Andy and I agreed to meet at 10:00 this morning, on our first day of the Easter holidays. Andy was an hour late because he had an issue with getting a lift. To make use of the time, I created a few harmonies in 'Ground Floor (again)'. I won't use this in every repeat of this section to surprise the listener, and to keep the song fluid:

Ground Floor (again), Andy Ford | Roo's Harmony

Some of the plugins I used to create these harmonies include a pitch shifter, a pitch corrector, saturation and echo:

When Andy arrived at 11:00, I'd already set up all my gear and connected the keyboard to my laptop. We recorded the piano via MIDI for a new song in the EP called 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More'.

Afterwards, we quantized and corrected certain parts, and then packed up for a 30-minute break.

After our break, we recorded a demo vocal for 'I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More', and then recorded the final vocals for 'The Joy That Slowly Died'. Again, I chose to use a Neumann U87.

We then sat together and comped together our favourite takes from 'The Joy That Slowly Died'. Here's what we've got so far:

The Joy That Slowly Died, Andy Ford

Here's the piano we recorded earlier with the demo vocals. Andy and I actually love this take, so we may end up using it in the final project:

I'd Give You The World, But You'd Still Deserve More, Andy Ford

Later, I made this short video that I posted on my Instagram as a promotion of my production services: