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D8 Skills #61 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Designing Better Business Card

D8 Skills #61 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Designing Better Business Card

Before the gig at Sixty Million Postcards, I designed and printed some business cards in case I wanted to give one to somebody at the venue. I now think it looks atrocious, so I designed a new one this afternoon.

This is the old business card:

This is the front and back of the new business card:

The QR code on the back takes you here.

I decided that listing all the things I do on the card is completely unnecessary because the nature of a business card is such that I'll be handing it directly into someone's hand, meaning they'll most likely already know, or I can tell them at that moment, what I do.

The decision to put the QR code on the back that leads to my website (as well as removing the list of things I do, and making the design more attractive and simpler) is all to give the person who has it, the easiest route to potentially hiring me. Plus, my website has an immense amount more room to explain in much more detail what I do than the business card does. You're not meant to look at the card for very long, you're meant to look at what it's pointing to... my business.

I'm currently looking at ways of printing some of these at a great quality.