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D8 Skills #149 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Drum Sampling

In the morning, I sampled Studio 1's drum kit and made a vlog:

After packing up the drums, I gathered all the equipment I need for our Unit E event and brought it over to the venue.

Later, some team leaders said that I should bring it all back because we're going to do another test run of the event in the afternoon. I felt that bringing it back was uncessessary because I'd already had more than enough practice, tested and fully prepared the equipment, and was completely confident with what I need to do on the day. I thought that a better use of my time and energy would be to set up my equipment early and help others with anything they needed. The team leaders dissagreed and brought the equipment back.

After the run through we did in the afternoon, we gathered all the equipment that needed to be taken over to the venue in a neat pile ready to go into the van we've got booked for tomorrow morning: