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D8 Skills #96 & D10 | Unit E | Email Signature | Design

For the past two days, I've been in conversation with a client by email using my professional address, contact@roolavito.com. At the bottom of my emails I have been typing a 'signature' with various links:

I wanted something more professional than this that showcased my brand, so started to do some research. I came across a website called gimm.io that provides many templates and allows users to customise them with their own information free of charge:

I went through a few different iterations, sending sample emails to myself.

Iteration #1:

I felt this was too big and complicated.

Iteration #2:

I made it smaller, but decided that this template was too weirly shaped, and stood out too much from the rest of the email. I want something that neatly sits at the bottom.

Iteration #3:

I prefer this, but there are too many links.

Iteration #4:

I much prefer this design. I love that it's a clean stip rather than being all over the place like the others. I got rid of the 'E contact@roolavito.com' since this will only ever be inside an email sent from this address, and having four links ruined the horizontal strip. I also shortened 'Insta' to 'IG' for a cleaner look. There are a few things that I would tweak with the design, however, gimm.io restricts these modification functionalities to paid users.

Iteration #5:

I started a 7 day free trial to modify the designs further. This is my favourite so far.

Iteration #6:

I really like this design. After come contemplation, and asking for feedback from others, I desided on Iteration #5. Most people preferred Iteration #6, however, one person told me that Iteration #5 is timeless, whereas #6 may not be. Most importantly, I want people to remember my name.

One of the core aspects of my brand identity is essentialism, therefore everything that creates it must be essential. I feel like this 'signature' represents my brand.