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Unit E | Evaluation

Unit E | Evaluation

Everything I had to do for the event went smoothly. I successfully multitrack recorded the entire event after having thoroughly tested and prepared the equipment I'd be using, plus practised using it on multiple occasions.

Recording / Mixing / Mastering | Showreel

The swap over onto the mixing desk while Aleks, the mix engineer, was doing his performance and interview went equally according to plan. I was fully prepared with Andy's backing track, bringing up the presenter's microphone before he started using it, having my music ready to play if the presenter announced it would play etc...

The personal and collaborative mixing process post-event was productive, effective and fast.

Taking responsibility for things outside of my role made the event better, such as when I brought the lights up for the presenter when the lighting technician wasn't there, helped set up the audio & video recording equipment for the interviews, and swapped the full SD card in a camera etc...

We ran a survey after the event to gain valuable audience feedback. HERE are the results.

Overall, the event was well-received and suitable for our target audience with comments like: "Well organised, bands were well received", "Good Atmosphere & Great Performances", "Very entertaining!", and "[I liked] The variety of different music, the atmosphere, and the sound quality".

90% of the surveyees said that the event was "excellent".

70% of the surveyees said that the event was "very organised".

80% of the surveyees said that the staff were "extremely friendly".

80% of the surveyees said that the length of the event was "about right" with the remaining 20% saying it was "too long". Someone commented on what they disliked about the event saying, "A few of the acts were a little too long/not enough engagement for the length", which makes me think that it may have not been the event itself 20% of surveyees thought was too long, but some of the acts were either too long or not engaging enough.

Many surveyees found it hard to find the venue and would have liked directions: "More information on how to locate the theatre on the campus", "How to find the entrance to the event (signs, directions)".

Some surveyees would have preferred more people in the audience: "Would of been better if more people were there, maybe the next one should be a bit closer to town?", "I hoped only that more performers would stay for the whole show".

60% of the surveyees said that it's "extremely likely" that they'll attend a similar event again in the future.

Below is video footage from the event. It is not using the audio I multitracked, mixed and mastered because the video team have not finished editing the video. I've offered to help edit the video as I'm fully capable and have previously demonstrated this capability during our BPC Live Lounge project where I edited a lot of the video, but have been turned down. Listen to all my audio HERE (restricted access), and there is a showreel above:

I have also been collaborating with Andy Ford, recording, producing, mixing and mastering his EP. Here are these songs:

Ground Floor
The Joy That Slowly Died
I'd Give You The World But You'd Still Deserve More