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D8 Skills #93 & D9 | Finished Writing Song

D8 Skills #93 & D9 | Finished Writing Song

Today, I finished writing the vocals for my song, 'Girl on the Highstreet' and sent over a demo plus the lyric sheet to an extremely talented singer whose voice I think will work perfectly on this song:

Girl on the Highstreet | Roo Lavito | Demo


I gotta go and meet somebody

Who knows where it’ll lead me?

I met a girl on the highstreet

She asked me what language I speak

I told her I’d speak whatever

To meet up and communicate with her, yeaah

I swear I’m coming back to life, life, life, yeah

Where have I been for so long?

I slipped down days, ’n’ days, ’n’, days, ’n’

Now the cycle’s come back around

And I’m not riding ‘round it, yeah

I don’t know

Why life unfolds

Am I going nowhere

Or is there somewhere

With some meaning?

Oh now I’ma

Cancel my plans

Let my friends down

I don’t give a

Oh no no

How logic has its limits, yeh

I sometimes see right through it, yeh

I tried to get some perspective

But all I found was everyone else’s, yeah

I don’t know what I’m perceiving

But I feel like it’s worth me pursuing, yeah