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D8 Skills #86 & D10 | Unit E | Hot Radio Appearance

Yesterday, I was informed that my ad had been chosen by the BCP Council to promote The Careers & Apprenticeship Show on 17 Mar at the Bournemouth International Centre, and Hot Radio wanted to chat with me on air. I said "YES".

I would be on-air from 13:00. I arrived at the station at 12:30 so I could spend a bit of time sitting down at the station beforehand, have a coffee, and potentially talk to people who work there.  

Laura, BCP Council's Enterprise Coordinator, and Kevin, the DJ, came and introduced themselves while music was playing on-air and asked me about myself. We had a chat about what I do and what I'm going to do in the future. Kevin gave me a tour around the whole building and the studio that he was broadcasting from.

The talk on-air went great. Kevin was keen to meet up in a couple of weeks to talk about how I could get involved with the station. Afterwards, I had a half an hour chat with the Station Manager about volunteering opportunities. We exchanged business cards and I said I'd send him an email with my schedule and other relevant info:

This was such a great experience, and I'm excited to see what will come from it.