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D8 Skills #125 & D10 | I Am Responsible for Everything

D8 Skills #125 & D10 | I Am Responsible for Everything

I've heard many comments like, "I'm just a recording engineer, I can't make those sorts of decisions". I've never liked hearing them because I understand an intrinsic aspect of reality: I am responsible for everything.

Being responsible means having the ability to respond. Action is limited, however, responsibility is boundless.

When I'm producing/recording/mixing/mastering/etc... a song for a client, I never limit myself to some role I or someone else invented, dismissing certain impressions that don't fit into the type of things my role is meant to deal with. Instead, I sit like an atom, responding to the infinite with limited action.

This mindset is not based on an ideology I invented, but instead on my own keen observation of truth.

Aligning myself to this truth will result in higher quality pieces of work in my portfolio, resulting in more reputable artists wanting to work with me, resulting in even better work in my portfolio and so on. This will help me achieve the goals set out in my development plan.