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D8 Skills #78 & D9 | Recording Band's Performance | Unit E

D8 Skills #78 & D9 | Recording Band's Performance | Unit E

Today, I went in on a day off to record the band's performance for BPC Live Lounge. The day lasted from 09:00 to 15:00. I was the only tech to come in, and there were four band members.

The first thing I did when I arrived was draw up an input list. This was necessary for the band members to help me set up all the microphones, cables and stands. I left it on the piano for easy access to everyone.

It was discovered that input 8 wasn't working, so skipped it.

Microphones Used:

  • Vox - Shure SM58
  • Piano L - Rode NT2-A
  • Piano R - Rode NT2-A
  • Bass - DI
  • Guitar - Shure SM57
  • Kick - AKG D112
  • Snare - Shure SM58 with the top taken off
  • OH L - AKG C1000s
  • OH R - AKG C1000s

We then all laid out the stage the way we wanted it including lights, and set up all the microphones. The band members were very helpful during the setup, and we got it done swiftly. I also set up a monitor for the vocalist which can also be used for talkback since the band aren't wearing headphones for the video.

We set up all the cameras, and I went into the control room to set up Pro Tools for recording. While the band were practising I set gain, and we were very soon ready to record. Using the patch bay, I added a light reverb to the vocals so that the singer could hear himself more easily, and set up what I wanted to be sent to the monitor - vox and talkback.

The band felt like they needed more time to practice with each other, so while they were doing that, I used my time to edit two performances on my laptop... mine and Andy's. We'd previously decided that I would edit all the interviews, and the other editor would edit all the performances, however, since there was nothing needed from me while the band were practising, the editor was the drummer in the band, I'd already edited all the interviews, and we were close to our deadline, I decided to edit the videos.

One of the two videos I edited while the band were practising:

After the band had sufficiently practised their performances, we commenced. After the recording, I transferred the audio files onto my laptop, imported them into Logic Pro, and did a mix.

I made the following video and posted it on our Instagram:

In the evening, the editor of the premiere asked me to edit DJ CHARLES' video. I did, however, the upload took 0ver 3 hours so the editor decided to edit it himself instead.