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D8 Skills #51 & D9 | Unit E | Music Videos

D8 Skills #51 & D9 | Unit E | Music Videos

Today, I had two music videos shot for me. I wanted to do one of my electronic tracks, and also a piano track. The film lecturer wanted to do two separate videos of the electronic track instead because the piano one wouldn't require enough work for his students.

I proposed my ideas to them for the electronic track which was to have me sitting at a desk with my laptop, MIDI keyboard, drum pads, studio monitors, and microphone (which I had brought all in with me) pretending to make the track as it played, with lots of angles and shots of me playing things into the project and mixing them. They didn't like this idea because their studio is set up for performances, and instead, they had me standing in front of a keyboard they'd set up to perform the track. I explained that I can't really perform the track on a keyboard because it involves a lot more than just a keyboard, so we ended up implementing a short section of my idea into the video, but the main part would still be me standing at the keyboard.

During the shoot, the film students clearly weren't taking it seriously and didn't have any interest nor have much of an idea of what they were doing, with some of them not even knowing where the record button was on their camera.

I realised that I wasn't really there to help the film students with an assignment and to also get a music video that I can use on my YouTube channel and website, I was just there to help the film students with their assignment.