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D8 Skills #107 & D9 | Unit E | Paid Recording Job #1

D8 Skills #107 & D9 | Unit E | Paid Recording Job #1

Today, I recorded Damian Quinn's vocals for three musical theatre songs. We've been in contact for a few weeks now via email. I communicated in a professional manner:

Being in contact with Damian is what got me to design an email signature. Once I'd designed it, however, I didn't switch to using it while talking to Damian to portray that I'm not just starting out... I've done this before. I wanted to stay consistent. I'll use it with my next client.

When recording Damian, I turned off direct monitoring inside the interface, and monitored from Logic with the lowest buffer size and 'Low Latency Mode' enabled instead so that Damian could hear a processed sound in his headphones. I used the Focusrite ISA 130 channel strip with some compression, EQ mainly boosting highs, and a de-esser. I then inserted a plate reverb so that Damian could hear himself more easily, therefore, stay in tune better:

Once Damian left after 1 hour 10 mins of recording, I comped the best takes together:

I told him that I'd send him the mixes within a week along with the invoice.