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D8 Skills #53 | Practising with Patch Bay

D8 Skills #53 | Practising with Patch Bay

Today, I came into the studio to practise my skills using the patch bay, with the intention of becoming swift and confident using it.

Yesterday, we had a lesson where we ran through how to send audio out of Pro Tools, go through a hardware compressor, and then record the audio back into Pro Tools, using the patch bay.

Today, I opened up that same Pro Tools project but erased everything we did yesterday so that I had a clean slate to build up my skills with

Method I used to compress all the drums:

  • In Pro Tools: sent all drum tracks to 1 stereo aux channel named 'Drum Bus', and set the output to B 15-16 which is the furthest two channels on the mixing desk.
  • On patch bay: took signal out B 15-16 and sent into Ivory L/R n (the compressor).
  • On patch bay: took signal out Ivory L/R Out and sent into B 9-10.
  • In Pro Tools: created 1 stereo audio track named 'Ivory' with input B 9-10 and output B 13-14
  • On Mixing Desk: pressed 'Line' on channels 13, 14, 15 and 16
  • In Pro Tools: pressed the green 'I' on audio track 'Ivory' to monitor the input with recording
  • On Mixing Desk: Muted channels 15-16 so that I just heard what was coming out the compressor
  • On Compressor: set all the parameters to their most aggressive to make sure it was working, and then made my way down from there to taste
  • In Pro Tools: recorded the compressed signal into channel 'Ivory'