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D8 Skills #89 & D10 | Recording Mix Breakdown

D8 Skills #89 & D10 | Recording Mix Breakdown

As I said here, I want to make more 'how to' videos.

Yesterday, I wrote the script for a video where I'll break down the mix from the band's performance in BPC Live Lounge.

This afternoon, I recorded and edited the video:

Regularly creating this sort of content will showcase my personality and skills to potential clients, and promote my services.

A made a video like this before, however, it's horrific. I feel like my skills have improved drastically in this area.

Things that are dreadful in the Last Video and aren't in this one:

  1. I didn't write a script, meaning it was all over the place
  2. Too long and *the opposite of compact*
  3. I was too close to the microphone
  4. Not engaging enough