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D8 Skills #80 & D9 | Unit E | Recording 'Northoad' | Session #4

D8 Skills #80 & D9 | Unit E | Recording 'Northoad' | Session #4

Recording in Half-Term

Today, I went in over the half-term holidays to record vocals for Northoad. I sometimes have difficulties finding a space, but today, my car was one of two in the whole car park (there's one hidden behind me)!

During the session, I added some reverb onto the vocals using the patch bay so that the singer could hear himself more easily and in turn be more in tune. The reverb was not recorded, just monitored by the singer:

The vocals were very easy to record so went pretty quickly. Afterwards, I fixed a few mistakes in the bassist's recording which just involved copying over repeated riffs to cover the mistakes:

I also spoke with the member of my Unit E group who is editing the entire 'Making Of' video and agreed that he'd finished the edit by the end of the week, and when we go back to college on Tuesday, we'd record the voice-overs.