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D8 Skills #65 & D9 | Unit E | Recording Band, Northoad | Session #1

D8 Skills #65 & D9 | Unit E | Recording Band, Northoad | Session #1

A band called 'Northoad' have asked me and one other to record their first EP. Today, I went in for our first session. It ran from 15:00 to 17:00, however, I arrived at 13:15 to talk with the drummer about how they want to record, and to set everything up for the session in plenty of time.

The first thing I did was write up an input list:

I then miked up the drum kit in the main room, with the idea that we'd record the final drum take today, and record the rest of the band in the smaller booths for the drummer, and so that it'll be easier for us to overdub better recordings later.

We the band arrived, they set up their amps, and I along with another technician who arrived later with the band miked up the guitars, bass, and vox.  

For the vocals, I put some reverb on using the patch bay - not to record it, but just to help the singer hear himself more easily:

The recording process was very quick since that band are extremely talented and didn't need many takes. We recorded two songs.