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D8 Skills #83 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Recording Voiceovers | BPC Advert

D8 Skills #83 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Recording Voiceovers | BPC Advert

Today, I went into college on a day off to record the voiceovers for the advert I'd previously made the music for back in October 2021.

I was told that the performing arts students would be ready at 13:30. I arrived at 12:45 and got everything ready including seats for everyone, the microphone + pop filter, a music stand for their scripts, and my own recording equipment.

I chose to be in the live room with the performers rather than in the control room because this sort of recording would greatly benefit from me being able to quickly and properly talk to everyone, not from the other side of a window. It also meant that I could use Logic Pro on my laptop which is what I'm going to mix the final product on anyway so it saves time. I also love Logic's take folder system because it works really quickly while recording, and afterwards when comping takes.

Just before we started recording, I made sure to turn off the air conditioning because it made a constant sound.  

There were 4 different scripts. I recorded each performer saying each script, and then everyone together doing the same thing. This means I can choose who I want when, and everyone speaking together works really well at the end of the scripts.

I used a Neumann U-87 set to cardioid when recording the individuals, however, when recording everyone speaking together, I got them all to surround the microphone which I set to omnidirectional.

The whole recording process took about 1 hour to complete and went very smoothly. I managed to be very confident and friendly throughout the whole process. I now have a lot of audio to go through:

At the end of the session, we were speaking about singing and I handed out my business card to each performer so that if they ever wanted a song recorded, it is I who they will come to.