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D8 Skills #95 & D9 | Sample Pack Idea

D8 Skills #95 & D9 | Sample Pack Idea

Tonight before going to bed while listening to some music, an ingenious idea came to me.

I've thought about making sample packs for a while, but have never thought very deeply into how I'd go about doing them; UNTIL 20 MINUTES AGO when I frantically wrote everything down that came into my mind:

I'll make various sample packs that I'll promote with videos like this:

...with music that I've made using the samples that I'm selling.

Some different packs could include:

  • Nature Pack - Sounds and video captured from the forest
  • Urban Pack - Sounds and video captured from rooftops
  • Bedroom Pack - Sounds and video from things that I find in my bedroom - I've already done this 👆
  • Studio Pack - Professional recordings from instruments in the studio
  • Roo Lavito Signature Pack - The most expensive pack that includes all my favourites
  • A humourous pack (maybe make this one free?) a bit like this for example:

I could make a photo gallery that goes with each pack and could sell prints. What if when someone buys a sample pack, they get a discount voucher for one of my prints?!