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D8 Skills #150 & D9 & D10 | Unit E | Venue Setup

This morning, we packed all the equipment we gathered yesterday afternoon into a van and took it over to the Jellicoe Theatre. We then set everything up.

After exploring the wiring/wall box setup in the theatre, we decided to take the Jack to XLR loom from Studio 3 and use it to come out of the patch bay into our mixing desk. I took the loom over and plugged it in.

After experimenting with 2 different locations for the stereo room recording (one at the back of the theatre at audience level & one in the control booth), the stage manager didn't want either of them there because it presented a safety hazard. After brainstorming different methods of getting a room sound, we decided on using the camera microphones for audience noise (when wanted) and ditching the idea of a constant room recording blended in the mix. The stage manager said he wanted a clean studio sounding recording.

At the end of the day, I rang out the PAs ready for sound checks tomorrow morning.

This is the finalised stage plan: