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D8 Skills #145 & D9 | Unit E | Testing Equipment

Firstly, my Unit E team had a meeting with Charley Mullins who will help Oli Hook with the lighting:

I spent the rest of the day practicing with and testing the equipment I'm going to use to record the audio for out Unit E gig.

I got 16 microphones, connected them to the desk, and recorded the channels into a laptop via FireWire for as long as it could go. It lasted a little under an hour, and the reason it stopped was because the disk was full. The Cubase project was just over 4GB at the end of this, so I need to clear a lot of space on the laptop before the gig or run the project off an external disk... I can test this on Thursday which is when we've planned to do a test run through.

I saved the Cubase project on the laptop, so next time I go to do this, all the settings will be saved and I won't have to go through them all again.

While the microphones were recording, I worked on the mix for 'Understand' by Ella Steel: