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Unit E | Meetings

Unit E | Meetings

Today, I FaceTimed Andy Ford to get all the details needed to fill in his tech rider, which I did for him. I asked him to think about the interview talking points and send me a few bullet points later.

Flo came up with an ingenious idea which is to project Andy's album artwork onto the back wall of the stage and have the theatre's lighting match the colour of it.

I decided that I'm going to write a contract between me and Andy (producer and artist).

In our sub-group, we held a meeting where we decided on each person's role. My role will be to record the sound for the interviews:


  • Aleks: Set up / Roadie / Live Mixing
  • Reuben: Set up / Roadie / Record Interviews
  • Francesco: Set up / Roadie
  • Caio: Set up / Roadie / Live Recording & Mixing
  • Kai: Set up / Roadie
  • Oli: Set up / Roadie / Lighting