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Unit E | Project Proposal

Unit E | Project Proposal

Taking inspiration from BPC Live Lounge Session #1, both performance and production students will be collaborating to produce a Day-Festival event. This will include performances and interviews, showcasing a range of local talent and discussing their musical experiences over the last few years.

The event will take place on 26th May 2022 and will be located in the Jellicoe Theatre. We have formed teams and deligated job roles covering all aspects of event planning/organisation. We will be using Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other during this project.

The artist liaison team will gather all the required information from the artists and then present to the relevant teams. This team will also curate the full schedule and programme for the event. The promotion team will be in control of all marketing content prior to, during and after the event. This will include graphic design and branding, poster design, photography for promotional material and the overall social media presence. They will also be exploring ideas for visuals and projections for the show. The equipment and live-sound team will ensure that the sound quality, levels and transitions are all equal and run smoothly. They will also be in control of the lighting for the event. After receiving the technical specifications from the bands, they will gather all equipment and additional requirements, ensuring that these are met. The video and production team will cover the recording and editing of the entire event. The final product will then be uploaded to YouTube, meaning our presentation format will be both live and online. Venue and site/stage management will oversee the stage set up referring back to stage plans, and will produce an in-depth health and safety breakdown including risk assessments.

Our target audience is those who are interested in hearing a wide range of musical genres from local, up and coming artists. Potential music material currently includes EPs/albums that some artists will be releasing soon.

Over the next three weeks, we will arrange regular team meetings and work respectively as the event date approaches. This event is an equal opportunity for everyone involved, offering an insight to the events industry, whilst also building a promotional platform for artists.

Today, I met with Flo and Andy to discuss working on Andy's EP release for Unit E. We decided on treating the event as promotion for Andy's future album release.  I will work on live sound/recording for Unity. I’ll also continue producing/recording/mixing/mastering Andy Ford’s songs for his EP. Andy will perform these songs at the event to promote the future release of his EP.

Along the way, I'll be promoting myself as a music producer on Instagram & my website.