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D8 Skills #49 | Unit E | Xmas Gig: Technical Specification

Today, I created a Technical Specification which includes an Input List, and Stage Plan. I used the information provided in the tech riders. We had asked all the bands to send us a technical rider by the end of Monday 13th, however, today is Wednesday 15th and multiple bands still haven't sent us one and aren't replying to messages, so I've had to resort to guesswork for a few things.

Here's a stage plan showing the XLR and power connections:

Here shows a better management of cables:

My co-stage manager suggested that we only use one vocal mic. I agreed with him because the act that needs the vocal mic at the keys is right at the start and then it's not needed anymore, so we'd only have to move the mic once.

I printed out the Roles List, Technical Specification, and Running Order so that tomorrow everyone knows what they've got to do and what the plan is.

At 21:08, I finally received a tech rider from one of the two bands that still hadn't sent us one. I can't believe they could submit this such simple document on time, and it didn't even include all the information we needed! This is it:

After a brief discussion, I discovered that for one song they'd be using one electro/acoustic guitar and one electro/acoustic bass, and for the other they'd be using two electro/acoustic guitars:

One tech rider is still outstanding, so I don't know whether we'll be needing to mic up a cajon or not.